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Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder, Model 220 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Hummingbird Feeders, Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder, 220
Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

model #: 220
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Attracting and feeding hummingbirds. Spend more time enjoying the tiny birds and less time constantly refilling the nectar with this ultra-large capacity hummingbird feeder. read full product details »  

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Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Hummingbird Feeder


The Grand Master hummingbird feeder truly is the Grandaddy of them all!


Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder, 220

The Perky-Pet® The Grand Master Plastic Feeder features six feeding ports, a wide-mouth design and a 48 oz nectar capacity. The clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir of this hummingbird feeder makes it easy to monitor nectar levels, while the wide-mouth design allows for quick, easy cleaning and filling.


For best results, use Perky-Pet® Instant High Energy Nectar.  This specially blended nectar is easy to use, requires no boiling and stays fresh longer. 


The feeder may be cleaned with the Perky-Pet® Cleaning Mop. Remember to clean your hummingbird feeder at least twice a week, more often in very warm climates or seasons.


Grand Master Instructions



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Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of sweet nectar—providing you with hours of joy as beautiful Hummingbirds flock to your feeders.

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All About Hummingbirds


Help and Advice - All About Hummingbirds

Want to know about these tiny, amazing birds?  We have a Hummingbird Library filled with information about various kinds of hummingbirds.  Check it out!


Now you can submit a hummingbird sighting, and track it!  Check out our all new Hummingbird Migration Map and learn when they will be in your area!

Customer Reviews

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  Great feeder, but.... 

I just want to echo what one of your reviewers mentioned That this is the greatest feeder when you have lots of hummingbirds. We live in the inland part of Southern California and we have some birds that stay year round and some that migrate through. This feeder is so great for the busy season. But, these leak at times. They don't seem to leak right out of the box, but after a while they begin to leak from the seam underneath between the bottom plate and the red part that holds the flowers. We have tried to hot glue gun the seam, and that usually works, but 3 of the 5 that we are using are still leaking. It gets hot around here in the summer - 90 to 105 at times. We are not sure if that is an issue or if it has been tested. I was pleased to see that you responded to the problem when the base and clear parts were not fitting well. We had noticed that too and were sanding parts to make them fit better. I hope that you can figure out this one too. We truly love these feeders!

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

Hello Vonny,

We are pleased that this large capacity feeder helps make feeding hummingbirds living or passing through your area easier. We appreciate this feedback regarding the base and apologize for this experience.

Please keep in mind that this feeder is backed by a one year warranty. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for additional assistance.

Best Regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  The Best 

I have used these feeders for several years now and just love them. Easy to put together, clean and refill and no broken glass.



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48 oz. nectar capacity
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