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1.25 Lb Rabbit & Deer Repellent Pellets: How To Keep Pests Off Lawn
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Animal Repellents, DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets, 5620
DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets

DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets

model #: 5620
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Repelling rabbits and deer. Our OMRI® listed repelling pellets will help keep rabbits and deer from damaging your flowers and ornamentals. Compliant for Organic Gardening. SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! read full product details »  

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DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets, 1.25 lbs.


DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repelling Pellets from Havahart® is your #1 defense against the destructive damage to your landscaping, flower beds and gardens, caused deer and rabbits. Our fast-acting formula contains two strong scent deterrents, making DeFence® twice as powerful as competitors!



One application of DeFence® starts working immediately to prevent rabbits and deer from eating your plants, shrubs, flowers, trees and vegetables for up to 3 months! Made from all-natural ingredients, DeFence® is OMRI® listed and compliant for organic gardening, so you can apply with confidence.  Each 1.25 lb. shaker provides up to 625 square feet of protection!


Since DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repellent delivers more powerful protection than any other brand, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all DeFence® products!!

Defend your turf and stop rabbits and deer from ruining your lawn, garden and landscaping with DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repellent from Havahart® - the #1 selling brand in nuisance animal control.


Dual Scent Protection

DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repelling Pellets contain the highest concentration of the deterrent putrescent egg on the market, as well as 49.5% dried blood, providing dual scent protection.  The putrescent egg scent effectively simulates the smell of a dead animal, alerting the rabbit or deer that a predator may be nearby, which in turn, causes them to flee immediately from the area. The smell of the dried blood adds additional layer of protection, as it reminds critters of dead pray, further triggering the flight response.  While the scent of DeFence® is powerful enough to drive these nuisance animals away and keep them away, it is odorless to humans.




DeFence® drives rabbits and deer away by targeting their keen sense of smell.


Long-lasting Protection


DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repelling Pellets effectively drive these destructive pests away and keep them away longer than any other repellent on the market. Our active ingredients don’t just coat the pellet – they saturate it.  So the repellency of DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets continues until they disappear.  Begin to apply as soon as you notice rabbits and deer beginning to browse, and then reapply when the effects of the previous treatment begin to fade. The weather-resistant pellets can be used throughout the year; they protect just as well against winter browsing as during the growing season.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making your satisfaction our number one priority. We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with the protection that DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent delivers; we’re offering a 100% guarantee. That’s right. If you’re not completely satisfied with your DeFence® purchase, we’ll buy the product back for the suggested retail price or replace the product for free.


defence rabbit repellantDefending your turf just got a lot easier!
DeFence® by Havahart® rabbit repellent is OMRI® Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening. Plus, SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!


DeFence® Rabbit Repellent from Havahart® – the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.

Customer Reviews

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  Defence Rabbit did the trick! 

For the last several years, I've had a big problem with deer and rabbits eating my garden! I tried soooo many different remedies but none of them ever worked. Last summer, I tried Defence Rabbit & Deer Repellent and it actually kept the deer and rabbits away! I FINALLY had green beans!!

  Easy to spray! 

Defence has worked great in keeping rabbits out of my flower beds and the sprayer is a plus! very convenient and easy to use.

  Defence saved my flowers! 

Every year the rabbits eat my impatients down to the ground. This year I tried Defence and it worked great! The rabbits stayed away and I have beautiful flowers.

  Seems to work 

The product seems to work on the rabbits ok. No noticeable smell as far as I can tell but my dog sure likes the smell! My dog was never interested in the garden before, now I have to put up a fence anyway to keep him out. I guess I should have just started with chicken wire.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


JUNE 21, 2012

Dear Heidi,


Thank you for taking the time to submit your online review of the DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets (model # 5620). We are very glad that it has been effective in repelling the rabbits from your garden and is working well for you. It is unusual that it would attract your dog, as there is nothing in the formula designed to do so. However like humans, animals have different tastes, and what some may hate, others may love. Regardless, we hope that possible side effect has not given you too much trouble.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




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