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Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler
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Electronic Repellents, Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack, B5269
Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack

Spray Away Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack

model #: B5269
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Best Used For:
Repelling deer, dogs, raccoons, groundhogs, opossum, skunks, cats, rabbits, squirrels, and geese. Clean, harmless, and effective sensor activated spray deters animals from your lawn and garden. 2-Pack for double the repelling! read full product details »  

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Spray Away™ Elite II – Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - Twin Pack



The Spray Away™ Elite II - Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler - Twin Pack provides an innovative way to repel unwanted animals. Hose-free and solar powered, the portable Elite is designed to protect any part of your yard—from ponds to gardens to mulch beds. This cutting-edge electronic repellent uses a blast of water to safely and effectively scare away intruders, keeping your yard clear of animal destruction.


This versatile motion detector sprinkler repels a wide range of animals, from deer to heron, to neighborhood cats. It even works at night, protecting your landscape from nocturnal species while you sleep.


The Elite II's robust design is more durable, and it's easier to use than ever before. Best of all, it now ships pre-charged for immediate use right out of the box.



How It Works

Spray Away Elite II uses infrared technology to detect an animal's heat and movement up to 35 feet away. When a critter is detected, the unit releases a sudden burst of water, along with startling noise and motion. This reaction frightens away virtually any animal and teaches them to stay out of your yard.


The Elite Motion Activated Sprinkler eliminates the need to continuously re-apply traditional chemical repellents. This economical solution makes your garden safe for children and pets, and easy to maintain. Environmentally friendly, Spray Away uses only 2-3 cups of water per activation to cover 1,900 square feet.



Hose-Free: Freedom to Place it Anywhere


The Elite features a 3.5 gallon refillable water basin, which eliminates the need to hook up a hose. This exclusive feature liberates you from fumbling with leaky connections or dragging unsightly hoses across your lawn.


The hose-free design provides the freedom to place your motion detector sprinkler anywhere, despite proximity to a water source. Since placement is no longer restricted to mulch or soil, you can easily protect area's you've never protected before (driveways, ponds, porches, etc.). Elite's durable basin can even be buried underground; sink the water basin into soil and allow Elite to seamlessly blend into your beautiful landscape.


Racoon and Bird



Solar-Powered: Eco-Friendly and Low-Maintenance

Spray Away Elite II is fueled by the sun's natural energy. Its discreet solar panel converts light energy into power, making it eco-friendly and efficient. Because there are no batteries to replace or wires to plug in, this unique feature conserves electricity as well as your time.


Spray Away Elite II comes pre-charged for use out of the box. While this pre-charge will accommodate about 10 activations (perfect for setup and testing), and optimum battery life will only be achieved by charging your unit in full sunlight for 3 days. A full solar charge provides enough power for over 30 activations!



Smart Warning System


Elite's Smart Warning System provides round-the-clock status, giving you peace of mind. LED indicator lights conveniently alert you when the solar panel needs more sunlight, or the water basin needs to be refilled. This motion activated sprinkler will let you know before resources run out, so you'll never run the risk of being unprotected—simply look out your window any time you need an update.


The Smart Warning System also allows alerts to movement, helping you test your coverage area and sensitivity before filling the water basin. As you step in front of the unit, both lights will illuminate to let you know it sees you. This way you can keep dry during setup.



Effective Control for Animals of Any Size



Adjustable sensitivity settings allow you to specifically target any size animal. Use the Spray Away Elite II motion detector sprinkler to repel:


  • Cats

  • Raccoons

  • Dogs

  • Birds

  • Opossum

  • Groundhogs

  • Deer

  • Rabbits

  • Skunks

  • And more!


Whether you use Spray Away as a deer repellent, cat repellent, or rabbit repellent, the versatile Elite will keep your landscape beautiful and critter-free.



Step-by-Step Guide



Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Your Spray Away motion detector sprinkler is covered under a 2 year warranty. If for any reason you have any issues with your Spray Away during that time, please call us at (855) 542-8242 so we can assist you.



About Havahart®

For over 60 years, Havahart® has been the leading manufacturer of caring wildlife control products. Its selection offers a wide variety of wildlife control solutions, from live animal traps, to animal repellents and electronic repellents.

Customer Reviews

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  Deer Sprayer 

This product works very well. It is solar so no need for batteries. You just have to fill up the water container every so often. It detects deer from a good distance away and they leave my roses alone and I have had it turned off for a while now and they still don't come back. The ones hooked to the hose don't work. You just have to remember to turn them off if you have guests coming or UPS man etc.

  No cords, no hoses and more affordable than built in systems 

Where I live, it seems there are more deer around than birds in the sky. We live in very northern Minnesota and are about an hour outside of the areas largest city. In a tiny tourist town that's surrounded by national forests, we live where people come to camp on the weekends. So to say we have a lot of deer and other wildlife locally would be an understatement. The deer walk in herds comfortably through town all day every day. While most people driving through a neighborhood might have to worry about someones pet dog running out into the street, here you can hardly drive to the local post-office without having to dodge groups of white tails.

One of the reasons the deer come into town is because of the easy access to food. Everyone has bird feeders, gardens, and some even buy cracked corn and place it outside in the evenings just for feeding the deer specifically. So at any time of day, locals can look outside and usually see the large pests chowing down on just about anything found in their front yard. The deer here are not easily scared. Barking dogs, cars going by and people walking aren't a bother to them at all. A few years back, I opened my front door to let my 3 dogs outside to go to the bathroom, and found a huge deer had walked up onto my porch and was eating the flowers out of my potted plants. In the process of opening the storm door, I bumped it right in the rear, not knowing it was there. It just turned and looked at me, annoyed that I had interpreted it's meal.

However one thing the deer definitely don't like is being squirted by water. They walk past the yards that have running sprinklers, and of my neighbors have motion detecting systems installed, so that when a large animal comes into their yard, a sprinkler system goes off. However I''m not looking to spend that kind of money to install such a large setup, just to keep the deer from eating my potted plants. Also I have 3 large dogs, and I don't need something going off every time I need to let them outside. I need something extremely simple. Something that doesn't require being hooked up to my hose all the time. And I wanted something that didn't need power cables run to it. This Havahart Spray Away is just that.

This system is exactly what I needed. I am able to put the Spray Away unit right in front of my porch, where my potted plants sit. I love that it's mobile, not affixed to the ground and no need to have any power cables or hoses hooked up to it. If I decide to move my plants to get better sunlight, I can move this unit right with them. The solar panel provides all the power it needs, and inside of it there is a water reservoir for filling so there's no need to keep the hose hooked up to it. You don't even need to hook up the hose to it to fill it. This is a big plus, since I need my hose for so many other things in the summertime.

You can change the sensitivity levels, so that it's not going off every time a bird goes by. Or if you're trying to keep birds like crows or seagulls away, you can set it super sensitive so that it goes off when they get within a certain range. There are two light indicators on the side that will flash to let you know if your water in the reservoir is getting low, or if the solar battery is running low. It does need a few days of sitting in the sunshine before the first use so it can get a full charge. Also if the battery completely runs out (days of raining/cloudy weather) it will need some time to charge up again. This does run on sunlight, so it if sits all day in the shade, it will run on the stored solar energy and then need recharged before using it again. If you use this in direct sunlight, recharging time won't be a problem, because it will be able to keep drawing on the solar energy each day.

This is the perfect solution for keeping deer away from plants, stray dogs out of your lawn or just about anything else you want to keep away from something. With the adjustable sensor, you can set it to the size of animal you want, and the distance away that it is before the unit spays them. It can be set to keep something out of your yard, but not squirt people as they are waling by on the sidewalk. With the great portability it has (no power cords or hoses), the low-cost when compared to built in deterrent system, and the range of settings it offers, this Havahart Spray Away is just what I was looking for. Love it!

  Very Cool, Effective and Well Built 

What it does:
The Havahart Spray Away Elite II is designed to scare off critters that come to eat your garden vegetables. It does this by spraying a jet of water to startle the creature. When a creature ventures into the field of view of Spray Aways sensor, it activates and fires a jet of water. The intensity is similar to a garden hose with a nozzle being turned on at about 75% of full blast for about 5 seconds. The water jet sweeps a few degrees and makes a startling noise. Spray Away does not directly target and shoot water at animals (unless it gets lucky). It detects heat and motion at a distance of 30 feet from the front of the unit. It covers a 180 degree angle. It can't detect animals coming from directly behind it. The solar powered battery can fire about 5 times a day. There's no need to hook up a hose like some other similar models. It has 2 led lights which flash when water is low or the charge is low. The LED lights are not bright, but are visible even in bright daylight. Maintenance is rather minimal, only requiring twice a week water fill up (but this depends on how many animals cross its path) and wiping the solar panel and detector surfaces clean. Fit and finish quality are high.

I found the set up very easy. You fill the tank with 3.5 gallons of water. Choose the sensitivity from a dial and turn the unit on. The sensitivity setting is not well defined in the instructions, but I assume it's based on the size of the animal you are attempting to deter. Strangely, instructions do not tell you exactly what a 'large' or 'small' animal is in terms of measurements. The higher the sensitivity setting the smaller the animal the unit will detect. A very high sensitivity may produce false activations. For example, a tree limb moving in the field of view or a butterfly might cause the unit to spray. Therefore, you may need to lower the sensitivity a bit or move the unit to a different location. I have mine set on 8 out of 9 to deter pesky rabbits. I have not experienced any false alarms. You can adjust the spray jet to travel about a maximum of 25 feet. The spray head also rotates during squirting so that the jet of water is always firing somewhere different. This keeps the unit from becoming predictable to animals and losing its effectiveness.

My only major complaints are the instructions and the indicator lights. The manual says to set the sensitivity values based on "small", "medium" and "large". Large what? I assume animals? How big? Not sure. The indicator lights are positioned on the front of the unit. If you forget to turn off the unit and try to read the LED lights, you will get hit with a jet of cold water. Also, the top of the sprayer is a place where birds like to roost and, of course, poop. The poop lands on the solar panels. Hopefully, on the next re-design of this product, the Havahart engineers will make that roosting spot a little pointy so that birds will avoid sitting there.

So far Spray-Away has been very effective. Rabbits devouring spinach and lettuce were our problem last season. I have not seen one rabbit (or any other varmint) in our 25' x 30' garden area since placing the unit on the perimeter. They actually seem to be avoiding the garden. We left some "bait lettuce" in the garden for a few days as a test and so far it is completely uneaten. I have had no problems with inadequate charging of the battery. It always seems ready to work.

I think the Spray-Away is worth the extra expense. It's actually fun to use and is a much better alternative to applying chemical deterrents (especially in an edible garden). If you have a huge garden, you will probably need additional Spray Aways and of course, this could be costly. Also, if you expect many animals to be crossing through your garden, you may want to get the version with attached hose, as you don't want to have to fill up the unit with water constantly, but remember that animals will eventually learn to avoid the Spray Away's path and therefore, it should spray less and less.

I highly recommend this product if you have a garden munching animal problem and a little extra money to spend.

  Keeps Bambi Away! 

The one thing that has kept us from having a garden at our house is that the wildlife of all sizes would eat it right up, so we would be paying out time and money to feed the critters!

This device lets you set up a zone of coverage around your garden so that when it senses the presence of something warm enough to trigger it, it will spray for short period of time and hopefully scare the animal away.

This does not require a hose or an electrical line, so you can set it anywhere there is sunlight to charge the battery. You can fill the reservoir with a hose or with a watering can.

You can set the sensitivity with a knob - you can also turn it off so you can work in your own garden!

you can adjust the spray width - the smaller the better so you don't waste water.

  Finally! A Solution that Works!!! 

I got this to get rid of rabbits on my property. I thought, since nothing else seems to work, why not give this a shot. I soon discovered that while it worked with rabbits, it had an even greater purpose to serve.

We have a problem with a distant neighbor. She is hyper sensitive to barking. If our dog barks, she calls the Sheriff. Consequently, we have been unable to let our dogs play in the backyard, lest we have a visit from the Deputy 10 minutes later. Our dogs have been held hostage to this person. (To be clear, our immediate neighbors have no problem with our dogs, and they are NEVER left out unattended, but dogs bark, its what they do.) Nothing we have tried will completely stop our dog from barking. Whenever someone (or a stray dog) walks down the street, he's at the gate and barking at them. So, enter the solution.

I filled this gadget with its three gallons of water, set it up by the gate, and my dog stays away from the gate. He can't see the passers-by, so he doesn't bark at them. He gets to play in the backyard, and we don't have to worry about police visits. It is a wonderful solution. Our family is so grateful!

As to the item itself, setup is easy. Just connect the spigot with the included wrench, fill with water, and step back. You can adjust the sensitivity and the range of motion for the water. About the only complaint, if I must have one, is that the lights that tell you that the battery is dead or the basin is empty are hard to see. In my case, however, I just see my collie barking at the gate, and I know the basin is empty. Fill it up, and its ready to go!

I know I'm not using it as recommended, but if you consider my dog to be the "pest" and the front gate the thing I want to keep the "pests" away from, it works perfectly.

  Outstanding, Easy-To_Use Deer Deterrent! 

Having purchased a motion-detector equipped sprinkler before, which required connection to a hose, I was sincerely hoping that this new product would overcome all of the negative issues with the older version. Simply put, it does, and is perfect for my needs!
The two biggest advantages over the earlier versions are the self-contained water supply, and the solar cell power. In a word, these features are BRILLIANT! The Havahart Spray Away worked perfectly right out of the box, was easy to set up and employ, and gave me the immense pleasure of watching a couple of deer skedaddle out of our yard before they could continue to decimate the daffodils.

I have yet to discover any negatives for this device. It is designed well, allowing flexible emplacement to cover the deers' avenues of approach, or overwatch our vegetable garden yet it's easy to turn it off without getting soaked. Refilling it is simple. Adjusting the deflection and elevation of the spray is a cinch for anyone familiar with a "Rainbird" type sprinkler head. The device stays charged. My Spousal Unit, who is the "Garden Boss", is happy with its low profile and unobtrusive color scheme, which blends with the foliage very nicely. Having an adjustable sensitivity on the motion/thermal detector keeps the device focused on the deer intruders, ignoring birds, cats, and dogs. It is sturdy and has a good "fit and finish".

I highly recommend the Havahart Spray-Away Elite for anyone with varmint issues. It'd also be superb for deterring unwanted solicitors or religious missionaries from knocking on your front door at dinnertime, should you be so inclined...but that's only a hypothetical use, of course!

  Very efficient! So easy to use 

This is my third product from Havahart and I'm very happy with all of them. I have problems with stray cats, dogs, racoons, and possums. Havahart animal repellants take care of all of them, and without chemicals or anything dangerous.

The Havahart Spray Away Elite II is very easy to use and really does the trick! The unit weighs 11 pounds empty, so it's easy to carry. I fill it with a bucket, since it's easier to carry a bucket of water than a full Spray Away unit. Once it's in place, it works very efficiently.

The unit is solar powered, so I never have to worry about dead batteries. I love the eco-friendly aspect of it.

We had a lot of fun testing it out! It detected our movement every time and gave us a quick blast of water. This will be perfect to put in the far corner of our vegetable garden this summer, where a water hose won't reach. We won't have to worry about stray animals messing up the garden.

If you have a lot of animals to deter, you'll probably want to use the model that attaches to a water hose so you'll have continuous action. The Spray Away Elite works well with occasional problems, unless you want to fill it up every day.

  How to Keep Herons and Ducks Away From Your Fish Pond 

The Havahart motion detector animal repellent does a fine job repelling ducks, rabbits, herons and other animals from backyards, gardens, and fish ponds.

I tried the "Havahart Spray Away Elite II Motion Detector Sprinkler Animal Repellent 5369" model which keeps herons and ducks away from a backyard fish pond by spraying water and emitting an unexpected noise and motion to scare them away when approaching. A couple years ago herons entered our area in unwanted numbers to swoop down and grab unsuspecting goldfish out of the pond. They are less of a threat now but ducks are the nuisance of choice this year.

The Havahart motion detector was easy to set up for use. One thing I really like about it is that the detector is solar operated so does not have to be plugged in or does not have batteries that eventually will have to be replaced. The other nice feature is that it does not have to be hooked up to a hose. You just add water when you set up the detector and it works fine.

Because it is hose-free and does not have to be plugged in to an electrical outlet, the detector is highly portable making it easy to move to different locations to find the best one. Once you find a good location the water basin (which holds 3 ½ gallons of water) can easily be buried in the ground to make it more pleasing to the eye.

The device can detect motion within 35 feet and protect an area up to 1,900 square feet. You can adjust the detector to cover a shorter distance so it does not spray water into an area where you frequently can be found walking around to avoid getting wet.

In fact getting wet (once) is the only problem I have experienced so far. I am sure with improved memory on my part and some fine tuning adjustments this problem will lessen or go away. The Havahart Spray Away Animal Repellent is a motion detector that does its intended job and performs well over time.

  A practical solution 

The Havahart motion detector sprinkler does the same job as the Havahart 5265 Spray Away Motion Detector Sprinkler Animal Repellent but with several distinct advantages. It gives you more coverage, needs no batteries, and needs no hose. If you can afford to tie up a garden hose full time, or want to disconnect it and reconnect it when you have other uses, you should consider the other model.

Aside from not needing a garden hose draped across your yard, and possibly across a walkway or flower bed, you have a great deal more control over where you can put this. As long as it's not blocked from sunlight, it can be used where needed.For example, I have a decorative fish pond where I used to have an egret problem. It's pointless having a decorative and landscaped backyard only to drape a hose across it, especially if the area where you place this is meant to keep it out of sight. This unit is huge with a large base, about 16 inches in diameter. The base itself can be buried if you wand something less obtrusive, but you'd still have to keep the filler hole accessible.

Assembly merely requires attaching the sprinkler head with the included plastic wrench until the wrench slips off. There's no danger of over tightening it. There's a single knob to set sensitivity to a number based on distance and whether you want small, medium or large. There's a table that shows you the appropriate settings. If it's not clear what's meant by small, medium or large, the instructions don't say, but it seems that they meant it to refer to animal size. The sprinkler head itself can be adjusted easily to set a particular range both in terms of distance and size of arc.

One disadvantage of this unit compared to one with a hose is that it needs water to be added periodically. But it holds 3.5 gallons. That's a lot of water for occasional activation. If you have a more extreme problem, be prepared to fill it often.

The unit has a sensor with two red lights above it. One will tell you when the battery is low and the other will tell you when water is low. They will both flash when movement is sensed, so you can walk near the edge of the desired range and see when you get close enough to activate it. That may not seem necessary, because it should be obvious enough that water is being sprayed at you. but it will illuminate for three seconds when it senses you. That could be an advantage until you get your spray pattern to match your desired distance. But considering that sensitivity is based on the size of the animal, setting it for yourself won't do much to assure that you have it set as desired. I merely used the chart, waved my hand in front of it to assure that the spray was the correct distance, and left it at that.

A potential problem with having the lights and sensor on the same side is that you need to be on the side with the sensor to see them. If you have the unit facing away from the house, that won't happen. If you have the unit facing toward you, you'll see the lights but may not be able to get close. And since there's no hose, and therefore no way to turn off the water remotely, you will want to approach this from behind. If that's not practical because of the layout of the area, you'll need to trigger a burst and then use the eight second idle period to dash behind it, or to get to the switch. At startup there's a 30 second calibration period, and you are supposed to wait 30 seconds before going in front of the sensor. I'm not sure what happens if you need that 30 seconds to get out of range, so ideally you will be able to stay out of sensor range and be able to walk away on a path that's outside the range of the arc.

I can't consider this a five star product because of the trade offs. You gain a lot compared to a unit with a hose, but you might have to fill it every couple of weeks or more, especially until stray or loose animals learn to avoid the area. I can't blame the manufacturer for the trade offs, since they offer an alternative if that's what you need. And the limitations are unavoidable for this type of product. If I were rating it on quality alone, I've yet to find faults.

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