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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet®  Safari Tube Feeder, 311
Perky-Pet®  Safari Tube Feeder Perky-Pet®  Safari Tube Feeder Perky-Pet®  Safari Tube Feeder Perky-Pet®  Safari Tube Feeder

Perky-Pet® Safari Tube Feeder

model #: 311
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Attracting and feeding wild birds. The six perch/feeding station set-up with 2-in-1 Ports™ is so ideal for feeding multiple birds with specific seed preferences. read full product details »  

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Perky-Pet® Safari Tube Feeder

One of our multi-seed tube bird feeders, this six perch/feeding station set-up is so ideal for feeding multiple birds with specific seed preferences.


The Perky-Pet®  Safari Tube Feeder With 2-in-1 Ports™ Wild Bird Feeder features an exclusive design allowing for easy switching from a mixed/sunflower setting to a thistle/finch mix position—the variety in food choice allows for variety in wild birds stopping by to feed.


It holds up to 1.5 lbs. of seed or mix andhas six feeding stations and aseed catcher base. The clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir makes it easy for you to monitor seed levels. Comes fully assembled with the seed tray. The six perch/feeding station set-up makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient on the market!


Remember to clean your plastic bird feeders once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution.



2-in-1 Feeder Instructions Placing the Feeder Cleaning the Feeder


Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet™ Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.

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All About Wild Birds

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Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


Check out our Wild Bird Library to find out about some of your favorite birds!



Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

I am enjoying this product. This item is priced reasonably. Easy to use, sturdy, and well-built. I highly recommend.

  Amazon Review 

The birds love it and the blue jay can't get to it. Nice feeder for the price and easy to fill.

  Amazon Review 

Easy to fill - attracts all kinds of birds.
Squirrels can not access the bird seed.
No assembly required so can use it straight away.

  Amazon Review 

Need something made out of metal, that the squirrels cannot destroy OR need something that the squirrels are afraid of so they stay off of it!

  Amazon Review 

This feeder is plastic and not extremely sturdy but it's a good feeder for $10. I have no problem using a cheaper feeder and having to replace it than to buy a more expensive one the squirrels are just going to tear up.

  Amazon Review 

I was a little surprised that it's all plastic when I got it. It's been durable so far, no cracks or problems, but the plastic can definitely bend if you pushed it. The finches love it though, took them about 1 1/2 days to figure it out, and now I even see morning doves eating out of it!
If you're looking for something nice that you won't have to worry about cracking, I'd spend a little more money and get a glass one. But this one works just fine.

  Amazon Review 

Okay feeder, plastic, I like the sliding lid, it always stays in place. For the price this is a good feeder.

  Amazon Review 

This is very light plastic but I'm sure it will do the job. Likely good for a year or so before the sun eats it up.



4.5 lb. seed capacity
3.5 lb. seed capacity
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