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Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder, Model B50129
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Seed Feeders, Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder, B50129
Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder

Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder

model #: B50129
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Attracting and feeding wild birds. The Sure-Lock™ cap system of this bird feeder, one of our gazebo bird feeders, prevents squirrels from raiding it, so the birds can enjoy the seeds. Includes FREE 23” metal hook. read full product details »  

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  Review Posted on HomeDepot.com 

This feeder is so attractive hanging in the garden, and is easy to fill and clean.

  Review Posted on HomeDepot.com 

I purchased my feeder and I am so glad that I did. The very first day that I bought it, I filled it up and hung it by the hook that I had pushed into the ground in the back yard. Within the hour I had birds at my feeder. The winter is not here yet and I can hardly wait to see all of the different kinds of bird friends that I will attract to my feeder in the yard. I know that I will be spending many an hour at my window, sitting in the sun watching my new found friends with my binoculars. I am asking for a book for Christmas on birdwatching.

  Review Posted on HomeDepot.com 

This feeder adds style to your garden as well as feeding the birds.

  Gazebo Feeder wicks water into seed 

I would not recommend this feeder for area with much rain. the design uses a cable that extends into the feeder and water runs down it into the seed causing it to mold. Not good for birds!

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


FEBRUARY 1, 2012

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your review. Your comments concerning the design of the Birdscapes® Gazebo Wood Feeder (model 50129) have been shared with our Product Development Team.


As you have indicted for the health of birds seed should be cleaned out at least once a week to prevent mold. During times of extremely hot and humid temperatures or frequent or soaking rain storms when mold is more likely to grow it may be necessary to clean your feeder out more frequently.


Your feedback is important to us. If you have questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




22 oz. water capacity
Cedar bird house
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