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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder
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Seed Feeders, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder, BB00302
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - NO/NO® Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder

model #: BB00302
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Hosting up to 15 birds at one time. A large 2.5-pound seed capacity for each feeder, mesh wire design and attached perch make these the perfect bird feeders to attract both clinging and perching birds drawing a variety and volume of birds in your yard or garden. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review, Great Bird Feeder 

Bought it for a black oil sunflower seed feeder. Works great! The birds have to work a bit harder to get the seeds from this feeder versus a tube feeder, consquently you get more bird viewing for fewer seeds. Easy to fill. Fun to watch!

  Brass Original Bird Feeder - Amazon Review 

It is a different product (bird feeder) than most, however, seems to work well, and the birds do seem to like it.

  Birds love this feeder! - Amazon Review 

My previous bird feeder was completely trashed by a bear/raccoon and it was very expensive. Mostly I am looking to deter Blue Jays and Chipmunks and as you browse through reviews, that is pretty tough. This feeder is a gem: large birds just can't get into it easily enough to want to bother and I haven't seen a Chipmunk even try. It has a lid to deflect the rain and mist; the perch goes completely around the bottom allowing a lot of birds access and the birds also like clinging to the metal mesh. It is all powder coated metal, comes completely apart and is a breeze to keep clean. I was concerned that the birds wouldn't like the feeder; not so, they like it better than my other feeder and there is a lot less territorial behavior. One big factor that I noticed is that there is a lot less waste of the seed. All in all, a great feeder design and the price is very reasonable. Kudos all around

  Best bird feeder - Amazon Review 

This is my second one of these bird feeders - a bear got the first one and totally destroyed it. We get lots and lots of gross beaks in the spring and they absolutely love this feeder.

  Great feeder! - Amazon Review 

One of the best feeders for small birds. Loved it so much I bought a second for my sister. Easy to fill and holds plenty.

  Fantastic low-maintenance birdfeeder! - Amazon Review 

I bought one of these for my grandad hoping it was as easy to use as advertised and it is. He loves it and it is easy to fill. It also doesn't get dirty like most birdfeeders so it is easy to maintain. I am now going to buy one for my mother. I highly recommend this as a low-maintenace birdfeeder.

  Amazon Review, Smart and efficient 

Filled with black sunflower seeds, and hanged from a tripod in the backyard. it's been immediately popular with house finches, junkos, tufted titmice, and squirrels. On the ground below, mallards, doves, robins and more squirrels pick up whatever falls down.

No notice, so it took me a while to figure how to set up the lid. Refill it while it hangs, or if you remove it from its post, get a helper to hold the feeder upright while you pour. Or get a big mess.

  No/No original bird feeder - Amazon Review 

I purchased this feeder after squirrels destroyed a wooden feeder I was using to dispense sunflower seed. It's attractive and seems very durable, and while it doesn't keep squirrels from feeding, it's unlikely they can damage it. I like that the mesh design allows birds like chicadees to perch on the side instead of on the ring. And it holds a good amount of sunflower seed, so I'm not having to refill it every day or two. The one gripe I have is that the perch ring seems too close to the feeder, making it hard for cardinals to feed. They do use it, but only with a lot of wing flapping to keep their balance.

  Feeding feathered friends - Amazon Review 

It holds some basic type seeds, however not the smaller seed for special type birds! Smart squirrels can maneuver the top, even though there is a gadget to hold it closed. The price was okay and I hope it lasts.



Over 2.5 lb. seed capacity, each feeder
$46  $24.95 Sale
2 lb. seed capacity, each
$68  $29.95 Sale
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