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NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder With Tray, Model # BZUD00326 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray, BZUD00326
NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray

NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray

model #: BZUD00326
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NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray


The NO/NO® Bronze Single Tier Mesh Bird Feeder with Tray is sure to attract a wide variety of birds to flock to your backyard bird oasis. This collapsible feeder is constructed of all metal components to resist against squirrel damage and the weather elements. It’s made to last, so you can enjoy feeding your feathered friends for years and years. The Bronze Single Tier Mesh Feeder is a perfect complement to your porch, backyard or garden area. Easily fill this feeder with up to 2.5 lbs. of black oil sunflower seed, place in a quiet and convenient place, and watch as multiple birds come to feast from the large diamond mesh feeding area. This NO/NO® feeder accommodates both clinging and perching birds. The tray has several drainage holes and the open mesh style will keep your seeds fresher, longer. This feeder will draw chickadees, grosbeaks, cardinals, nuthatches, jays, woodpeckers, finches and a variety of other birds.


Remember to clean your NO/NO® Feeder every two weeks to ensure that your birds are receiving the freshest seed supply.

Birdfeeders.com is the top destination to find Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. NO/NO® wild bird products lure the bird in pursuit of seed— providing you with hours of joy as a variety of wild birds flock to feed in your backyard.

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  Amazon Review 

Works great!

  Amazon Review, A favorite 

I live in Ohio and my birds love this feeder! It's easy to fill with seed, keep clean and the price is right. I don't think you can go wrong buying this for your feather friends!

  Amazon Review, Squirrels hate this 

I bought this elsewhere and have had it up for 7 yrs. Very durable, latches keep the squirrels from getting at seed. I have a round squirrel baffle on the pole and it keeps them at bay for the most part. They have jumped 10' down from a tree limb above to land on it many times, no damage to this feeder at all. I would recommend this feeder if you have had major squirrel thefts of seed, sneaky devils.

  Amazon Review 

Wonderful feeder, has attracted many different birds. Definitely the best feeder I have had. Only downside, squirrels have figured it out!

  Amazon Review 

Pretty nice. A little off center at the bottom which aggravated me. I ordered two, one was a gift so I don't know if it crooked or not. I expected a complete closed cage and it has opening at bottom for seeds to come out onto tray. Wish it was all closed keeps from wasting seeds. Good quality matetial.



6 lb. seed capacity
6 lb. seed capacity
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