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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder, SW00354
NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder

NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder

model #: SW00354
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Feeding birds with a whimsical flair. The NO/NO® Snow Woman Wild Bird Feeder, complete with a red hat and scarf, is high quality and long lasting. Invite your feathered friends to feast in your yard with this eye-catching and whimsical bird feeder. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

This was a Christmas present to my parents. They have many birdfeeders in their yard, but love the design and cuteness of this feeder. Obviously the birds do too since they said they have to fill this feeder the most, even though it's larger than many of their other feeders. The birds go to this one the most and drain it almost daily.

Unlike some of the other comments, they have not had problems with the decorative face pieces coming off, and it's been used for over a year now.

  Amazon Review 

perfect gift for my mother in law who collects snowmen and likes to watch the birds from her patio. Mesh holes are bigger than I expected, so the mixed seed didn't work, but black oil sunflower seeds work great.

  Amazon Review, I love this feeder! 

I swapped out my seed ball for this feeder this winter. The snowman has lost his bottom button, but otherwise has really held up so far. I get tons of birds on it as well as squirrels. It really attracts goldfinches; I've counted at least eight feeding on it at the same time! I use it exclusively with black oil sunflower seed. Quite a few will spill out while filling, as you need to shake a bit to get them to flow through the sections, but I just stick mine in my seed can while filling so I don't have any waste. Basically, it is both cute and functional; it will be kind of sad to take it down in the spring!

  Amazon Review 

I got this feeder after I got the regular snowman feeder, and I love it just as much. The ribbon around her neck did come untied at one point, but it held up to weather very well. I use black oil sunflower seed and get tons of birds and squirrels on this feeder. Besides possibly knocking off the ribbon, the squirrels have done no damage. This feeder holds about double a regular metal seed ball, but don't expect to refill that much less, as the increased size means more birds can feed at the same time. I get tons of goldfinches sharing this feeder and gobbling up my seed!

  Amazon Review, Adorable 

This bird feeder is adorable! I get so many compliments and bought two others to give as gifts. I will keep it up until spring. So far no trouble with squirrels either.

  Amazon Review, Cute feeder 

The birds love it.
The chain isn't very sturdy and comes off easily, probably when animals are attempting to dine on the seed. Other than knocking it down it is pretty sturdy and animal proof.

  Amazon Review 

I purchased this on a whim. I had purchased a lighthouse feeder from this company and this snowman also caught my eye. He is easy to fill and multiple birds can and do perch on him. He is very cute hanging from my shepherd's pole The only downside is that a lot of seed falls out while filling. I definitely would purchase another.



2.5 lb. seed capacity
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