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NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder, Model # YSSF00346 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder, YSSF00346
NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder

NO/NO® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Wild Bird Feeder

model #: YSSF00346
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Best Used For:
Feeding finch birds. The eye-catching yellow baffles on this Finch Tube Feeder help retain seed along the entire length of the feeder, and helps to attract both perching and clinging birds. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

Easy to fill and birds love it. Less fighting for position. Great design.

  Amazon Review 

I love it because it is well made and I love the yellow.
It's metal, not plastic.
The birds love it. It looks nice hanging in the tree.

  Amazon Review 

The No/No Yellow Straight Sided Finch Feeder is the best Finch feeder I have ever used (and I have tried them all over the past 2 decades). It is spectacularly successful with the song birds, Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Chickadees, Goldfinches, House Finches, Downey Woodpeckers and more. It is SO very easy to use, to fill, to clean and to take apart. There are only 3 pieces to it. Seed dries quickly after rain. The internal structure with the inverted funnel style at 3 levels keeps the birds eating up and down the tube as the overall seed level goes down. Cardinals, who don't go to any of my other feeders, sit on this one and eat. I don't worry about Squirrels and larger birds because they can visit the feeder and even take some seed but they can't hog the seed or the feeder space and they cannot destroy it so I don't need to invest in baffles and deterrents. The No/No feeder is solidly held up by a ring securely attached to the top lid and is very easy to hang on my feeder pole hooks. The Feeder has not fallen off the support once, even with the Squirrels rocking it. This is the simplest and most user friendly feeder that I've ever used and I consistently have song birds all up and down it all day long. Delightful.

  Amazon Review, Finch feeder frenzy 

This feeder is enjoyed by my finches and woodpeckers. I previously bought one from a local store and it worked out so well I purchased this one from Amazon. both top and bottom remove for cleaning and it holds a lot of finch food.

  Amazon Review, Works great. 

I have one of these feeders and am buying another. Filled full of SUNFLOWER CHIPS, not thistle, it attracks many finches as well as downy woodpeckers and nuthatches. I'm looking at six finches now on the feeder, and I've had it covered with 11.

I purchased my feeder at a wild bird warehouse for $10 more than this price, but I was happy to pay it to get professional advice on feed and mounting from an experienced birder. The wild bird guy said that this feeder has the perfect size openings for the birds, and they love the sunflower chips.

Mine is mounted to our home's front window with a plastic hook with two suction cups that stick to the window. My sales guy told me to wet the suction cups with vegetable oil to keep them from drying.

One reviewer complained about the mounting ring becoming detached. I was glad for the tip: when I twist the top off to fill the feeder, I grip the entire top; I don't try to twist it open with the ring. The top comes off with ease.

One nice aspect of the feeder is its internal design. The inside has three sections. The whole feeder fills easily from the top, but the compartments are separated with a small opening sort of like a funnel. That keeps the feed from gathering at the bottom right away as it empties, so until the feeder is completely empty, some feed stays at each of the levels providing more surface for more eaters-- until the feeder eventually empties completely.

We have a large feeder with a dome and big seed tray. We have cardinal feed in that, and it attracks many birds. This smaller feeder is nice for the woodpeckers and little birds, so they don't need to compete with the bigger bluejays, cardinals, and hairy and red bellied woodpeckers.

My new purchase will be a gift to my mother who lives in a nursing home.
Now a downy woodpecker is busy at the feeder!

  Great feeder 

This is a great feeder except for the tray, which really needs to be mesh so water can drain more quickly keeping the seed in the bottom of the tube dry. That said, mine has survive two bear attacks very well.

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


DECEMBER 09, 2013

We are glad to hear how well this feeder stood up to the bears! Thank you for taking the time to share these suggestions regarding the base, they are appreciated.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions.

Best Regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  Amazon Review, Attracts all varieties of finches. 

Easy to fill, birds are attracted to feeder daily, and design of the feeder is great for keeping squirrels from eating the bird food.



2.5 lb. seed capacity
2 lb. seed capacity
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