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Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor, Model #8012 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Wind Spinners & Crystal Twisters, Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor, 8012
Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor

Iron Stop® Solar Powered Motor

model #: 8012
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Best Used For:
Supplying power to your wind spinner to make it spin whether or not there is a breeze! It spins at 50 RPM which is the perfect speed to admire the wind spinner. read full product details »  

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Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review - Works great 

Works as intended. Nothing to assemble. Just Hang it up and add sun!
I would like to see a model that stores power.

  Amazon Review - Great little motor 

This little spinner works (when there is sun). We have 2 wind spinners and a tail on it and it works great.

  Amazon Review - Keep on spinning 

My wind spinners never worked well in are location with just the wind. With these solar spinner motors they spin all day and I love to watch them.

  Amazon Review - Solar Powered Spinner works great! 

Originally when I saw my beautiful butterfly wind spinner I bought it on sight but refused to pay the price for a battery powered spinner for it. When I got it home...it was beautiful but wouldn't spin on it's own with just the wind or at least moved very little. With the solor powered spinner.......as long as it's sunny out.....it spins!!!! Which is awesome!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! It's just exactly what I was wanting and I hope it lasts for many years!!!!! Depending on how it does.......I may purchase more in the future!!!!! ; )



1 motor
1 Wind Spinner
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